Warranty Service remarked

REO Warranty Policy are provided by Shenzhen Reo Power Co.,Ltd. (“REO”) and cover defects in workmanship and materials. REO offers to our customers the following warranty time for different product:

UPS Power : 1 year for Offline & Line Interactive UPS, 2 years for Online UPS

Inverter Power & Solar Inverter: 1 year

Solar Charge Controller: 1 year

Battery: depends on different models.pls contact sales for details.


The time is starting from the date of shipment from REO factory. In certain places where local laws have special provisions for the term of warranty, this warranty policy shall not be applicable. This warranty offers special legal rights. You are entitled to other rights pursuant to local laws. The Buyer/Customer is responsible for certain service and maintenance expenses. Please contact REO company for further details.


The following situation is not covered by the warranty:

(1) Finished goods lost or serial number is changed or lost;

(2) Loss or damage due to force majeure or external reasons;

(3) Misuse, accident, negligence, unauthorized alteration or repair;

(4) Overuse, out of warranty;

(5) Violation of operation stipulations.
Within the warranty period, if the UPS Power/Inverter Power/ Solar inverter is out of order in the range covered by the warranty, REO shall repair or replace the product in its own way. The cost of delivery shall be charged by the customer.