The use and maintenance of solar inverters

Solar Inverter Use :

(1) Strictly follow the requirements of the Solar Inverter operation and maintenance manual for equipment connection and installation, When installed, you should carefully check: whether the wire diameter meets the requirements; whether the components and terminals are loose during transportation; whether the insulation should be well insulated; whether the grounding of the system meets the requirements.


(2) Operate and use in strict accordance with the inverter operation and maintenance manual. Especially: before starting the machine, pay attention to whether the input voltage is normal; during operation, pay attention to whether the sequence of power on and off is correct, and whether the indication of each meter and indicator light is normal.


(3) Solar Inverters generally have automatic protection for items such as open circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, etc. Therefore, when these phenomena occur, there is no need to manually shut down; the protection points of automatic protection are generally set at the factory, and there is no need Adjust again.


(4) There is high voltage in the inverter cabinet, the operator is generally not allowed to open the cabinet door, and the cabinet door should be locked normally.



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(5) When the room temperature exceeds 30°C, heat dissipation and cooling measures should be taken to prevent the equipment from malfunctioning and prolong the service life of the equipment.

Solar Inverter Maintenance

(1) Regularly check whether the wiring of each part of the inverter is firm and whether there is any looseness. In particular, carefully check the fan, power module, input terminal, output terminal, and grounding.


(2) Once the alarm is stopped, it is not allowed to start up immediately.Should found out the reason and repaired before starting up. The inspection should be carried out in strictly accordance with the steps specified in the inverter maintenance manual.


(3) Operator must be specially trained to be able to analyze the cause of general failures and be able to eliminate them, such as being able to skillfully replace fuses, components, and damaged PCB boards. Untrained personnel are not allowed to operate and use equipment on their posts.


(4) If an accident that is not easy to eliminate or the cause of the accident is unclear, a detailed record of the accident should be made and the inverter manufacturer should be notified in time to solve it.


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