Lithium-ion UPS : The Efficient and Reliable Solution for Your Important Devices

Lithium-ion UPS internal
Lithium-ion UPS LCD display

Compared to traditional UPS which with sealed lead acid battery, Lithium-ion UPS offer higher energy density, longer back up time, and faster charging times,with advanced monitoring and management capabilities.

They provide more power, longer runtimes, and better performance than traditional battery, giving you the freedom to use your devices without worrying about running out of power.

REO company can provide 220VAC and 110VAC two types Lithium-ion UPS
It have below key features:
- High frequency on-line double conversion
- DSP (Digital signal processors) control
- Active input power factor correction,input power factor > 0.99
- Long battery lifecycle, more than 2000
- Generator compatible
- Cold start & Economic operation mode (ECO)
- Wide input voltage range 90V~300V and frequency range 40~70Hz
- 50Hz/60Hz Frequency auto sensing
- Frequency converter mode: 50Hz input / 60Hz output or 60Hz input / 50Hz output
- Li-ion battery provide up to 3x backup time, comparing with regular sealed lead-acid UPS
- Dry contact interface for BMS dominant control
- Incorporated MODBUS (RS485) interface with BMS, to achieve precise battery information (voltage/soc/soh etc.)
- Li-ion Battery Charger: Constant current, constant voltage, floating, turn-off 4 state charger for Li-ion battery, open to customize the logical behavior for customer- specified battery pack

Post time: Mar-10-2023